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84 Ryan Rd Brownington VT, 05860

Located in Evansville VT off of route 58
give us a ring if you have questions
or send us an E-mail at gonyawfarm@live.com

*Our horses will generally range from $1500.00 to $2500.00 with a few exceptions. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Feel free to email or call to get prices of the horses that catch your eye!*

Updated 08/14/2017




HR Blonde Ambition

"Honey" is an APHA Registered 16yr palomino mare standing 15.1 hands tall. Very sweet to work around in the barn, comes to you when you call in the field, clean in her stall. Not marish at all, gets along with mares and geldings. Goes back to Mr Conclusion on her Dam's side. Has been shown in Western Please and Ranch Pleasure classes. Walk, jog, lopes, backs, side passes, turns on her haunches, picks up both leads easily, and one hand neck reins. Also trail rides as well out through the woods or down the road, traffic safe.



Connor's Champ

9yr, 16.3h, sorrel OTTB gelding. He w/t/c, backs, good minded, has flying lead chances, and will jump whatever you point him at. He doesn't rush to the fence and will come back after doing a course and just flat walk relaxed on a long rein. He will work into the bridle and soften when asked, works off your leg nicely. He is good in turn out, gets along with everyone, and comes right up to you to be loved on. Just as nice in his stall. Stands for grooming, tacking, mounting, clipping, and baths. Just a nice big gelding that is super fun to ride. UNDER CONTRACT




15.2 hand, 12yr, stout made grade roan gelding. This is one pretty horse and rides the part. Neck reins,w/t/c, turns on his haunches, backs, and will spin. Has also been roped off of. He will trail and ring ride alone or with others. Traffic safe as well.

15.2 hand stocky Registered AQHA bay mare born in 2012. She is a western pleasure deluxe. True slow jog and lope, backs, side passes, turns on both her forehand and haunches. Super sweet to work around on the ground and in the barn, just as nice to ride. Fantastic breeding on her too Invitation Only, Hottrodders Jet Set, and Zips Chocolate Chip are on her papers.





Reg. AQHA, 15yr, gelding. This is one broke horse. He has a one hand neck rein. Will w/t/c right off and trail rides and ring rides. He is easy to catch and gets along good with the other horses in the pasture. He knows his leads in the ring as well. He has done some cow work. He will turn on his haunches, spin, side pass, super light back.




GFR Select to Win

"Lane" is a 15yr, 15hand, sorrel AQHA registered gelding. This is one nice horse. W/t/c, knows both his leads, backs nicely, turns on his haunches, great whoa, and will spin. Very nice and handy neck rein as well. Road and traffic safe, rides off alone or with company. Stands for grooming, tacking, mounting, clipping, and baths. Nice fun broke gelding.


2yr old 14.1 hand filly. This is one nice baby that has been started the right way. She has is as quiet as can be. She saddles and bridles like a 10yr old. She has been lightly started under saddle. She will walk right off when you step on her. She is going to be a super nice mare with some more time. She will ride up and down the road with no problems. She has been trotted as well. Ready to finish your way.




13yr, 14hand, sorrel grade appalossa gelding. W/t/c, rides in the ring or out on the trails. Has been used in a hack line as a beginner trail horse, we have used him in our trail rides as well and he is rock steady. Very quiet and sweet guy. Lets you walk right up and catch him in the field. Stands stock still for grooming, mounting, tacking, clipping, and baths. Nice quiet pony.





Good broke trail and ring horse. Grade sorrel 11yr 15 hand gelding. Rides up the road, on the trails, and in the ring. He will neck rein, w/t/c, picks up both leads, goes through water, traffic safe. Rides off in a snaffle bit, stand for mounting, tacking, and grooming. Great ground manners and easy to catch.




15.1 hand bay roan gelding, 10yrs, registered with the National Cow Horse Association. He w/t/c, picks up both leads, neck reins, backs, turns on his haunches, will spin. Trail rides as well either alone or with company, traffic safe. Gets along with others in the field and is easy to catch, leads off the wheeler back and forth to and from the barn.



Mito Peppy Badger

10yr Registered AQHA bay gelding. W/t/c, knows his leads, backs, nice stop, and has a neck rein. Will also ride english! Road and traffic safe. Goes in the ring or out on the trails with the same easy, laid back attitude. Is confident alone or with others and will lead or follow when in a group. Is sure footed on slippery or rocky terrain and loves water.





7yr, 15 hand Grade red roan gelding. W/t/c, knows both his leads, turns on his haunches, roll backs, backs, awesome whoa on him and just as nice of a neck rein. Trail rides all over, up the road, through the woods, across water, etc. He is sure footed and good minded. Has been played with on the barrels but also has been roped off of. Nice horse that will do it all.



RSPH Boonstarplayboy

"Playboy" is 14.3hand, AQHA Registered, 11yr, sorrel gelding. Goes back to Freckles Playboy on his sire's side. W/t/c, picks up both leads, backs nicely, has a good neck rein, and nice whoa. Rides out on the trails as well either alone or with others.




Otoe Red Barren

16hand, 12yr, AQHA sorrel gelding. W/t/c, backs, picks up both leads. As queit as they come.




15.1 hand bay grade gelding. W/t/c, picks up both leads, backs, and nice breaks. Rides off in a snaffle. Trail rides as well either alone or with others. Nice big stocky gelding. Easy to catch and stands for grooming, mounting, and tacking. We have used in for our guided trail rides, he will lead or follow. Goes through mud and water, walks over logs, and just goes will his head down relaxed.



And Many More.......Stop in anytime and see them all!



For more information please contact us at 802-754-6347.